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Elsabo Manor

A story of love and romance behind the manor inception in current building design. However, we can deduce the origin back to the year 1773 when it established a map of Elsabo Farm with surroundings.

Probably estate than older, however, have documents available for this could not be located.

Through the acquisition of adjacent houses at the beginning of the 1900s, However Elsabo had grown out and established as mansion. We can assume , to the farm once inhabited by a housekeeper named Elsa. The name itself is a paraphrase of Elizabeth. Perhaps it was then that the man, Her husband wanted to name the farm after his wife.

Aerial view, Elsabo.
Elsabo mansion, Solhöjden. Stucco Luis Antonio Sanders in the work of Emmaboda village.

Elsabo mansion is located just a few kilometers from the main roads 23 & 34 outside Berga society.

Here we find a small paradise directly at Elgsjön. These not only motoring guests but also those who come by train via Kustpilen from Stockholm and Linköping, others come here by bus from near and far.

The central town Hogsby is just 9 km away, Oskarshamn 28 km, Kalmar 60 km m.fl.

The romantic story

It tells of the Patron Pehr Gustav Tamm, meeting a lady named Gunhild Pira, they began a relationship and fell in love after which they disbanded their existing marriage.

Thirty years separated them and 1907 included the marriage. The wedding gift, he made a promise to his wife that he would build a beautiful mansion next Elgsjöns beach where Elsabo Farm was located.

The old building was demolished and the material was built Hogsby Vicarage which is now torn. The mill kept his promise and year 1909 began stone castle to be built. With a lot of effort and money so created a castle with large lounges and public areas, distinctive stucco and around the ceilings but also the ceiling's center around the chandeliers and other light fixtures.

PG Tamm died 1921, 80 years old. An inheritance dispute arose with his children which fragmented ownership ratio.

Elsabo mansion (Solhöjden) living room, Brukspatron PG Oak. Photographing 1911
Elsabo mansion (Solhöjden) back Ruukinpatruuna PG Tamm. Photographing 1911
Elsabo farm. Subsequently known as Solhöjden, the main building, erected 1909, was vigorously brandskadad 2010-12-09. Photographing (That 1920 of)
Salon at the nursing home Solhöjden in Berga. Photographing 1963

Transfer of ownership

After the mansion stood empty for a few years so it was sold to the railway men new foundation year 1929. A business built up with the name The nursing home Solhöjden. A concept for the excellent care and service in natural surroundings at Elgsjöns northeastern shore. Here cared about 20 000 people between 1930 – 1990. 1998 it was again time to replace the owners of new businesses.

Since then it has been in different hands before it was time for the tragic fire 2010 When the roof of the mansion caught fire. Subsequently acquired it at an auction and has since 2013 been under renovation. Major repairs and refurbishments have taken place since then and today the process of a total concept started.

It is now offered in Elsabo mansion is a new concept of hotel, Conference, meetings & dinners and lunches, bar, Pub, banquet hall and wine bar with wine lounge and wine cellar. The great salons of the famous stucco is recreated. The rooms are newly renovated, contain their own shower / WC and the interior is both contemporary and also classical in style furniture.

During the year, will also be a swimming bath and fitness to be made to order, and new conference rooms with dining room and new kitchen. In the future, an extension to take place in order to build a larger banquet room of about 750 sq containing nightclub with bar and dance floor.

In this atmosphere of calm, quiet and relaxation meet guests as soon as they enter inside the mansion's front doors. Here, guests will get to enjoy a pleasant environment and surroundings with good food and service, It can be said that the more than century-morning gift today brings joy and kindness to those who come to Elsabo mansion and its various activities.

The flames destroyed the hotel Solhöjden the 10 december 2010. Photo: Hasse Carlsson / Swedish Radio
Elsabo mansion satellite (Google Earth)
Taste of Elsabo mansion here with Chef Daniel Askebring, Photo: Curt-Robert Lindqvist